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New London Alliance

a Neighborhood Preservation Program Community Group


Who We Are

NPP & New London Alliance

The Neighborhood Preservation Program (NPP) is a 5 year grant program offered by the NJ Department of Community Affairs in order to invest in communities within a town or city. The City of Burlington was awarded this grant for the New London district. These funds will be used to support improvements in the neighborhood for residents, property owners and businesses alike within the district.

The New London NPP District is bordered by:

  • Washington Ave to the west (both sides of the street)

  • Broad Street (south side of the street, from Washington to Lawrence St.; north side from Wood St to Stacy St.)

  • High Street (both sides of High St. from Pearl St. to Federal St., then west side to Wilber Watts School border)

  • Kennedy Park to the south (the park is within the district)

The New London Alliance (NLA) was formed to provide valuable feedback and input to the City of Burlington on how to best utilize the NPP grant inside of the community. Volunteers in the group serve as steering team members and focus group participants to further the success of the program. NLA also serves as the group that will plan future events and happenings within New London in order to promote the neighborhood as a great place to buy or rent a home and raise a family.

NLA meets once per month at varied locations. To find out how to attend meetings, please click below and email us for details!

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What's in New London?

Everything you'd want in your neighborhood!


Daniel A. Keegan
Recreation Center

522 Wood St.

In addition to being the headquarters for all recreational activities sponsored by the town, The Keegan Center is the heart of the community, serving as a gathering place for group meetings and celebrations. The center also hosts a community food bank every other Saturday. The Center is on Wood St. and sits on the edge of beautiful Kennedy Park.


Lyceum Hall
Center for the Arts

432 High St.


Beautiful &
Historic Homes

The Neighborhood


Our Historic Downtown

High & Broad Streets

Our historic downtown is part of the New London District, and as such offers grant opportunities and other support through various NPP Grant Programs to both business and commercial property owners.

Currently, a stroll through the area will take you by several antique shops, varied restaurants and event locations, an art gallery/maker's space, our local brewery, a charming old Inn, and an assortment of specialty shops and services run by small business entrepreneurs. 

Visit our Business District Resources page to find out how to open YOUR business in New London! 

The Lyceum Hall Center for the Arts enriches and educates the community through distinctive and engaging creative arts programming. Children in the community participate in fun & creative performing arts programs. The Lyceum offers a gallery where local artists display their work throughout the year, as well as a theater where live concerts and theatrical performances are hosted.

The New London neighborhood was established by city planners in 1696. Over the years many beautiful homes have been erected here, from quaint row houses to large spacious homes. New London has always been, and continues to be, that nice residential neighborhood within walking distance of our downtown shops and restaurants.

Contact New London Alliance

New London Alliance

PO Box 1495

Burlington, NJ 08016


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